Being a frontwoman is not easy – Hayley Williams #Paramore


Paramore’s Hayley Williams has already enjoyed mass success (which doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon) as the frontwoman of one of the coolest bands — completed by members Taylor York and Jeremy Davis. But a decade on, the singer has revealed she still occasionally struggles with the attention that she gets.

«I’m still surprised when I feel uncomfortable with it after 10 years,» Williams told Rolling Stone magazine. «It’s funny when I feel left out, or in the cold, and everyone’s focusing on me. Onstage, it’s so much about the music that I feel comfortable.»

«But being the frontwoman is not an easy job, it’s something I’m really proud to be getting better at; performing really well, singing really well and speaking to the crowd — that’s the part I’m most nervous about, like ‘What do I say that makes me sound cool?’ — but also trying to keep it the same way that it felt when we were in clubs.»

So has being the focal point of the band been an issue for Williams?

«You know, it depends,» she told the mag. «[Sometimes] we do TV spots, interviews, and we spend tons of time talking and you think that it feels very evenly spread out, you think that it feels deep and the questions are nice, and then it gets edited and then it’s just you, and it’s just asking about your hair. That’s the stuff that I get uncomfortable with.»

Despite feeling uncomfortable in certain interviews, the «Still Into You» rockers are still enjoying commercial and critical acclaim, and Williams revealed to the mag that now is the best time to be in Paramore.

«On every level. We keep learning what it means to be a band, both professionally and as friends in a band. It’s a constant learning process. We made a record that we were so proud of, and its success is so far beyond anything that we expected when we were writing it.»

Williams also revealed why 2014 is such a great year for the group.

«So that’s incredibly satisfying, obviously, but on a personal level, I feel like our friendships are just constantly deepening, and becoming really important and vital,» she said.